I learnt a new tip today which i thought i would pass on. For many years now i have been making my own braided loops, The braid i use is 30ib backing braid from Airflo.The problem i was having is threading the fly line up the braid especially with some of the thicker lines. i discovered that if you insert a medium sized needle up the core and apply some heat, hair drier, hot air heater whatever you have handy, when you withdraw the needle the braid stays open which will allow you to easily insert the fly line. Also instead of using the sleeve provided i buy some 1mm and 1.2mm heat sleeve from Garry evans you simply cut about half inch of sleeve off slide this onto the braid before you attach the fly line then slide it over the joint and apply a little heat. This is a a very secure joint

When I am bank fishing I like to use a shooting head I make them up myself out of a normal w/f line, with a gel spun backing from fishtec.  To my knowledge I only know of one other angler that uses a shooting head on Llandegfedd despite the fact that most anglers could cast further with them and with less effort. Shooting heads are widely used on other big reservoirs like rutland , eyebrook, chew, because they recognise that distance increases their catch rate.  I find the best method of attaching the shooting backing to the fly line is by using some 30Ib hollow braid.  About 6 inches is about right.  Feed fly line and backing from opposite ends until they touch then super glue the whole joint. I have also found that a smoother joint can be obtained by using some heat shrink tubing, this stops the braid fraying. Heat shrink can be acquired from your local fishing shop it is used by coarse anglers. A easier way is to buy a forty plus fly line from airflo 

I have recently been looking at web sites tackle dealers with view to see where equipment from say coarse/sea angling could be used for game angling. Needing a new net for boat fishing I began to look at a dealer called easy tackle. I purchased a net head used mainly for carp with a carbon telescopic handle which incidentally floats if i drop it over the side of the boat all for under £30.  Now the best part is i can replace either the net head or handle separately unlike traditional game nets which are all in one and cost upwards of £60.  So don't contain yourself to just the game fishing catalogues broaden your outlook.

Water proofs How do you apply  NIKWAX  TX DIRECT I have tried putting them on and getting the wife to spray them not recommended ,Tried spraying it on then spreading it over with a sponge not through enougth, I have now tried spraying it on and spreading it over using a 2inch paint brush seems like a better idea



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