Things To Do and See in Singapore

Things To Do and See in Singapore

Singapore is the Lion City of Southeast Asia; it is an absolute must-visit for tourists. If you are an adventure-seeker, and urban explorer, this sprawling metropolis has no shortage of things to do and is guaranteed to capture your heart.

We went to Southeast Asia with a group of friends who helped us start out business almost 10 years ago ( We all agreed that Singapore was our favorite destination. Give it a try!

Gardens By The Bay

This is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Singapore, the landscape of Gardens By The Bay would fit right in as the set for an alien home planet. Its most striking feature is its Supertree Grove. The perfect time to visit the Supertrees is at night.

Pulau Ubin

This is a small island in the northeast of Singapore. Devoid of skyscrapers and cars, this island is a reminder of what Singapore was like just a few decades ago. To get the most out of your tour to Pulau Ubin, you are suggested to rent a bike to explore the island thoroughly. You also can look out for the German Girl Shrine and other tokens of Singapore lore.

The Hawker Center (Foods)

The best way to truly understand a country’s culture is by eating the local cuisine. With culinary influences from all around the region, there is certainly no shortage of local eats! Tuck into some local such as chili crab, laksa, and chicken rice, or sample the Malay, Tamil, and Chinese cuisine prevalent all over the city. This is the best places to eat local food, go where the locals go and head to a hawker center where you can get a meal for under $10.

Spectacular Light Show

Singapore comes to life at night with mesmerizing light shows that delight crowds all over the city. Check out regular, stellar displays at Marina Bay and Sentosa, while keeping a close eye on special events in the pipeline.

Enjoy the Sunset at Marina Bay

Singapore is well-known for its amazing skyline. The Marina Bay Sands Boardwalk gives you an exceptional view of what can only be described as the best view in the city.


This amazing country has a range of world-class museums that cater to a multitude of interests. Enjoy how the worlds of art and technology collide at the ArtScience Museum. There are even museums dedicated to vintage toys and collectible stamps!

National Gallery 

A striking aluminum and glass canopy connect national Gallery. Singapore’s historic City Hall and Old Supreme Court buildings now form the city’s breathtaking National Gallery.

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